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Poultry Keeping

A Dry Mash
A Point On Mating
Age For Mating
Bad Food For Chickens
Bowel Trouble In Chicks
Cannibal Chicks
Chicken Pox
Clipping Hens For Cleanliness
Cloth For Brooding Houses
Cockerels Of The Larger Breeds Should Not Be Mated Before A Year Old
Cure For Feather-eating
Dipping Fowls
Feather Eating Is The Result Of Idleness Or A Shortage Of Green Feed

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A Wrong Idea Of Inter-planting

Grains For Chickens

What variety of grain adopted for poultry food will be the best to grow,
with and also without irrigation?

Wheat is a standard grain for poultry feeding, and Egyptian corn is also
largely used. Indian corn is also satisfactory, under the general roles
for compounding poultry rations which are laid down by all authorities
on the subject. Egyptian corn is very successful in the interior parts
of the State, and, on lands which are winter-plowed and harrow to retain
moisture, very satisfactory results can be secured by summer growth
without irrigation from planting as soon as frost danger is over.

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