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Diseases of Animals

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For Short-wind Or Heaves

I have a mare that has something wrong with her wind. About six months
ago I noticed her wind was not good and she had a slight cough, and
about a week later, while working her, she seemed to choke down and
almost died before she got her wind, and since then she sometimes takes
those spells should she trot off briskly for a short distance.

Give two 3/2-ounce doses of Fowler's solution arsenic daily. Dusty or
musty hay will aggravate the symptoms. Thoroughly shake out the dust and
wet the hay. Feed hay only at night. Give the animal as little feed and
water as possible before being put to work. Continue this treatment one
month if necessary. The following is a case of experience with this
treatment: For a remedial agent we began to use Fowler's Solution of
Arsenic, in two teaspoonful doses at first. once a day, put in the water
with which the hay was moistened. These doses were given for a few days,
then skipped for a day, then continued for five or six days again. This
treatment has been continued. At times when the trouble was most severe,
giving a great spoonful at a dose, twice a day for two days, then
stopping for a day or two, always being sure to mix it with the water
which the hay is moistened, so that it shall be taken into the stomach
very slowly. This course of treatment has served to so relieve the
disease that nature has nearly or quite overcome it.

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