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Counting The Cost
Cutting The Trenches
Depth Of Trenches
Establishing A Grade
Kind Of Tile
Locating Main And Branches
Material For The Drains
Permanency Desired
Size Of Tile
The Grade
The Laterals
The Modern Fallow
The Outlet

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The laterals should enter the branches and mains near the
top, so that the water will be drawn out rapidly. The tile should be
laid with close joints at the top, so that the water may enter more
freely from the sides than the top. No covering other than moist soil
is needed unless there is very fine sand, when paper over the joints
will serve a good purpose. After some moist soil from the sides of the
trench has been tramped upon the tile, the trench may be filled by use
of a breaking-plow or winged scraper.

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