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A Southern Legume
Affecting Physical Condition
Close Grazing
Fertilizing Value
Harvesting With Livestock
The Cowpea For Hay

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Crops And Methods For Soil Improvement

A Bit Of Arithmetic
A Clean Seed-bed
A Few Combinations Are Safest
A Practical Test
A Three Years' Rotation
Acid Phosphate
Acquaintance With Terms
Adaptation To Eastern Needs
All The Nitrogen From Clover
Alsike Clover
Amount Of Application
Amount Of Manure
Amount Per Acre
An Excess Of Nitrogen

Close Grazing

Much harm results from turning livestock on pastures
too early in the spring. The ground is kept soft by spring rains, and
the hoofs cut the turf. The grass needs its first leaves to enable it
to make rapid growth, and the first grass of spring is not nutritious.

Close grazing is harmful, exposing the soil to the sun and robbing it
of moisture. When winter comes, there should be sufficient grass to
serve as a mulch to the roots. It acts like a coat of manure, giving
new life to the plants the next spring. Good sods are not easily or
quickly made, and when they have been secured on land unfit for the
plow, their value measures the value of the land itself.

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